the nut button

Nut Button Meme Toy Sound Button

Want your friends to disown you? If so, this button is for you.

  • The original nut button. (Yes, this is a real product)
  • Ready to nut out of the box (batteries included).
  • Perfect for training pets (see examples below).
  • Handmade. Sound quality and potency is GUARANTEED (unlike some dates).
  • Nuts come fast (Free 3-Day Shipping within the US)
  • What are you waiting for? Don't let your memes be just dreams.
  • Grab your Nut Button today.
Sold out

How It Works

Watch The Video Below

(Turn On Sound)

Perfect For Pets!

Got a furry friend with a little too much libido?

Tucker that boy (or girl) out and create hilarious moments that last a life time-

with The Nut Button

What Our Customers Have To Say...

"I have been attempting to train my cat to press the button. I and the cat have failed but the soothing NUT has not." - Grace G.

"My friends have all disowned me for this purchase but its okay because im still laughing my butt off 2 days later" - Jess H.

"It survived the slaughtering of an anime convention. Thousands of nutting's." - Mike F.

What are you waiting for?

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